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Meet our staff

Our team of professionals is here to serve your retirement needs.

Sheila LaBarbera.jpg
Sheila LaBarbera

Executive Director

Sheila has been with the BCRB since 1996 and resides in Pittsfield. Contact Sheila regarding pensions, disability pensions, scheduling seminars and retirement counseling.

Jill Hersey

Retirement Coordinator

Jill came to the BCRB in August 2021, with a strong financial background, having worked in banking for over 14 years. She resides in Pittsfield with her daughter, and is an Elms College Graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Management & Marketing. 

Brian Shepard

Retirement Coordinator

Brian started with us in December of 2021. He comes from a background in Financial Advising and Investing. He is a Graduate of MCLA with a major in Business Administration and currently resides in Clarksburg with his wife and son. 

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