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Treasurers and Employers

Treasurers and Employers

Serving the retirees of the 46 towns, districts, and authorities of Berkshire County.  

Notes for Treasurers and Employers

  • Be sure to have new employees sign the SSA-1945 form PRIOR to hiring.


  • For new employees, please send  the retirement board:  enrollment form, beneficiary form, birth and marriage certificates, and DD214 if applicable. These forms should be submitted before you process employee’s first payroll.


  • Notify our office of any change in status, such as marital status (divorced, married, widowed); employment status changes due to  termination, reduced hours or earnings (be sure to send letters of resignation or termination letters); change of address; change of beneficiary.


  • Deductions and file uploads are expected to be sent upon completetion of each payroll, with the monthly report sent by the 10th of the following month.


  • Injury reports – we need a copy of the Workers’ Comp or 111F injury forms at the time of every injury, even if there is no lost time.


  • Let us know if you hire a retiree of Berkshire County Retirement or another Massachusetts Contributory Retirement System to work after retirement and be sure to keep track of their hours and earnings.


  • New employees must be enrolled if employed 20 hours weekly or more. Temporary employees are no longer considered temporary after 6 months and must be enrolled.


  • Elected officials must receive compensation of $5,000 annually or more to be eligible for membership.


  • Employees enrolled in another BCRS town or district must be enrolled in your town even if working less than 20 hours weekly. New enrollment forms for your town/district must be completed (with SSA-1945 form and correct deduction rate).

Frequently Asked Questions

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