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Active Members

Notes for those enrolled prior to April 2, 2012

Active Members

Notes for Active Members who were enrolled

prior to April 2, 2012:

  • Your retirement account is a true pension plan, not a 401K.  


  • Can retire with 20 yrs service at any age


  • Can retire with 10 yrs service at age 55


  • Full retirement age is 65 for Group 1, 60 for Group 2 and 55 for Group 4


  • Pension is calculated using your age at the time of retirement, your years of creditable service, your group classification and an average of your three highest consecutive years of regular compensation.


  • Section 18 Anti-Spiking provision:  if salary increases more than 10% in 2 preceding years, those additional earnings are not included


  • Once you have been retired for 1 full calendar year, post-retirement earnings when added to the pensioner’s retirement allowance cannot exceed the salary of the position from which he retired, plus $15,000


  • If you have service in more than one Group classification, you may elect to receive a retirement allowance based on a pro-rated benefit.

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